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Lives Bound Together: Culture

This page provides resources accompanying the Daily Life and Style Galleries in the Lives Bound Together Virtual Exhibit. It contains primary and secondary sources on the culture and daily lives of the people enslaved at Mount Vernon. Use these resources to aid exhibit exploration, learn more about the system of slavery, and find useful learning materials.


Many enslaved peoples were given a limited amount of clothing rations and wore the clothes they were given. Still, some were able to personalize their clothing through garments or accessories.

More on Clothing and Style

Family Life

There were many families living at Mount Vernon. A lot of families were separated because of their work assignments. Still, families found time together whenever possible.

Read more about families at Mount Vernon

Community and Tradition

Despite living in the conditions of enslavement, people at Mount Vernon managed to find - and maintain - a sense of community.

Communities at Mount Vernon

The Women's Slave Quarters

The Women's Slave Quarters housed many individuals who worked near or on the Mansion. Explore the quarters below.

A Day in the Life of an Enslaved Cook

Click the link to learn about what a typical day might look like for an enslaved cook

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The people at Mount Vernon often sang songs or played a variety of handmade instruments, which helped inspire future musical genres like jazz, rock, and country.

Listen to Native Songs


Different people practiced different religions at Mount Vernon. Some people practiced Christianity, while others practiced Islam or Vodoun.

Religion at Mount Vernon

What were some key traditions, celebrations, and practices of the enslaved community?