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The Life Guard Teacher Fellowship Program supports the creation of classroom materials and teacher resources about the life, legacy, and leadership of George Washington. Fellows live and study at the Washington Library on the grounds of Mount Vernon as they work to create educational resources that meet 21st-century classroom needs.

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Robin Ferrell

McLain 7th Grade Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Robin will create resources for upper elementary through high school that investigate George Washington's military career through primary and secondary sources. Students will create grade appropriate research projects that modeled on the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project. 

Dr. Kim Pennington

K20 Center for Education and Community Renewal, University of Oklahoma

Kim will create resources for middle school and high school students that ask them to investigate questions such as "Do wars have limits?" Document analysis in conjunction with secondary sources will provide students with the information needed to investigate the topic of human dignity during times of war.

Eric Schmalz

Monticello High School in Charlottesville, Virginia

Eric will create resources which ask high school students to investigate the extent to which George Washington was an Enlightenment figure. Four stations highlighting education, science, religion, and human rights will challenge students to define and redefine their definitions of an Enlightenment figure through primary and secondary sources analysis.

Dr. Linda Wilson

Associate Professor, College of Education at Northeastern State University

Dr. Wilson will create a series of short stories highlighting different aspects of George Washington's life and graphic novel templates for student use. These resources for elementary students will encourage the development of reading and writing skills, as well as creativity.