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Collaborate with K-12 teachers from around the country to create leveled, inquiry-based educator resources utilizing Mount Vernon's collections and historic site.


Award Notification Date

The Week of March 25, 2024

Teacher Fellowship Program

The Life Guard Teacher Fellowship Program is a three week onsite, immersive professional development experience designed to invite current educators to create classroom materials that will enhance and expand the teaching of George Washington, his legacies, and the founding era alongside the Education team. 

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Summer 2024 Fellowship

Applications for the 2024 Teacher Fellowship Program are closed.

In 2024, teacher fellows will be selected to collaborate with each other, the Mount Vernon K-12 team, and Washington Library staff, to design inclusive, inquiry-based education resources for use in K-12 classrooms nationwide.

The designed resources will include:

  • Student led inquiries into Mount Vernon digital museum and library collections
  • Scaffolding for multiple grade levels and differentiated learning styles
  • Alignment with current classroom needs and conversations today
  • Connections to George Washington's biography, leadership, and legacies

There are two different fellowships that applicants can apply and be selected for. All applicants must be able to attend their entire preferred fellowship in order to be considered.

Fellowship Award Information

  • All fellows will be awarded a $3000 honorarium and round-trip travel to and from Mount Vernon. 
  • Housing onsite will be provided.
  • All meals and incidentals will be the responsibility of the fellow. 

Who Can Apply?

The George Washington Teacher Institute cares deeply about equity, inclusivity, and diversity. Our Institute is committed to cultivating a unique learning environment where all individuals may succeed professionally and personally. We seek and welcome applications from educators of varying backgrounds and experiences to explore the history and ideals that make us all different, and inspires diverse interpretations of George Washington and the world he lived in.

Qualified applicants include anyone who is currently serving as a classroom teacher (grades K-12), curriculum specialist, media specialist, and those engaged in university-level teacher training or non-profit educational resources development.

The review committee will be looking to develop a collaborative team of fellows including but not limited to elementary school, middle school, high school, English language, and special education educators or specialists with experience creating district level educational resources.  

Educators must anticipate teaching or working directly with classroom teachers in the following school year. 

Why Should I Apply?

  • Experience unparalleled access to George Washington's Mount Vernon staff, sites, collections, and even stay in our scholars' residence.
  • Learn from place, and museum and academic experts about George Washington’s life and lessons in leadership.
  • Collaborate with a partner or small group of dynamic educators to devise new ways to bring the diversity of the 18th-century and George Washington's biography, leadership, and complex legacies to life in classrooms across the country. 

What is the Application Process?

Online Application The application should take approximately one to two hours to complete and includes the requirements outlined below. Applicants can start the application, save, and return to it before the submission deadline. 

Resume (or Curriculum Vitae) Upload a resume which includes relevant education/professional development, leadership roles held, collaborative team work, and resource or curriculum development experiences.

Short Answer Questions Respond to questions supporting your candidacy as a fellow by:

Explaining the impact of using primary sources, historical thinking skills, and inclusive narratives on students within K-12 classrooms today.

Sharing the teaching methodologies behind differentiated, inquiry based student learning opportunities you have designed.

Providing evidence of productive team-based collaboration on curriculum projects or educational resource design. 

Best Practice Sample Provide one sample of an educational resource you have created that addresses your qualifications as a fellow.

Recommenders Names and contact information of two recommenders who can address your skills and experiences as an educator and indicate support for your participation as a fellow are required.

Special consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate the following throughout their application:

Integration of George Washington's biography, leadership, and complex legacies

Relevance to potential content themes (The Founding of the U.S. Government and Lives Bound Together: Enslavement in George Washington’s World)

Reference to material culture available within Mount Vernon's digital collection


George Washington's Mount Vernon By working on George Washington’s estate, fellows will enjoy the opportunity to connect and collaborate with Mount Vernon’s onsite experts.

The George Washington Presidential Library Fellows will enjoy unparalleled access to the extensive resources of the 45,000 square‐foot Washington Library. The Library is designed to house and safeguard original Washington documents and other materials from the founding era, as well as contemporary research tools and resources.  

The DeVos House As part of the covered costs, fellows will reside in single rooms within the Richard and Helen DeVos House, a scholars' residence, located just 150 feet west of the Washington Library. Access to a parking, a single bedroom, common area, small kitchen, and Wi-Fi are included.

What Else do I Need to Know?

  • Accessibility When considering your accessibility needs, please keep in mind that Mount Vernon is located on 500 acres, include walking on hilly and unpaved terrains, and stairs within onsite housing. Accessibility arrangements can be discussed with the Education Department prior to your participation. Click here for additional information about accessibility at Mount Vernon.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Professional Development Points (PDPs), or Graduate Credits We currently do not offer official CEUs, PDPs, or Graduate Credit. Fellows can track the hours spent engaged in fellowship work and request a letter of participation or certificate outlining their contributions.