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Take a closer look at some of the intriguing items within the collections of the George Washington Presidential Library at Mount Vernon.

The Acts of Congress

The Acts of Congress

Explore George Washington’s personal copy of the Acts of Congress.

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Secrets of Washington's Archives

Secrets of Washington's Archives is a video and podcast series about the books, papers, and maps that belonged to George Washington.

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A Letter to Dinwiddie

A 1757 letter in Mount Vernon's collection contains the earliest-known example of Washington’s rebellious spirit—foreshadowing a revolution 20 years away.

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Enlistment Form, 1776

An enlistment form from Mount Vernon’s archives provides a snapshot of the Revolution's earliest days.

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The Submarine Letter

A brief but fascinating letter in Mount Vernon’s collection spotlights a little-known chapter of early American maritime history.

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Chastellux Letters

The Washington Library acquired five stunning George Washington letters written to François Jean de Beauvoir, Marquis de Chastellux, a general in the French army during the American War of Independence.

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Mary Ball Washington Inventory

A donation of documents, discovered in a Falls Church, Virginia, home in the 1940s, is revealed to relate to the estate of Mary Ball Washington, mother of George Washington.

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Nelly's Music Books

Washington and Quixote

George Washington's personal copies of the literary classic Don Quixote each offer a unique story while providing an invaluable glimpse into the reading habits of the General.

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Richard H. Brown Revolutionary War Map Collection

Featuring over 1,000 individual objects that date between 1740 and 1799, the collection offers new opportunities for researching and teaching the history of the American Revolution.

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Washington Library Finding Aids

Explore for yourself the archives of the George Washington Presidential Library.


French Reconnaissance Map

Hidden away for more than 200 years, this French intelligence map helped American troops avoid British positions.

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Tallmadge Letter

A 1781 letter between George Washington and Benjamin Tallmadge discussed the feasibility of launching a daring raid across the Long Island Sound.

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Books Owned By Washington

Explore the database of titles owned by Washington, some of which are now housed at the George Washington Presidential Library at Mount Vernon.

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Special Collections

The library’s special collections highlight the lives of George and Martha Washington as well as the Washington and Custis families.  The collection includes letters to and from George and Martha Washington; ledgers, farm books, and account books related to Mount Vernon; family collection such as: the Peter Family Archives, Bushrod Washington Family Papers, Eleanor Parke Custis Papers, and Lawrence Lewis Papers; and a rare book collection including some volumes from George Washington’s library.

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The archives of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association holds the historic institutional records of the organization dating back to its founding in 1853. The archival collections include Minutes of the Council, Annual Reports, visitor log books, publications, correspondence, financial documents, administrative and departmental files, oral histories, and audio-visual material. Material is open for research 30 years after document or file date.

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Photo Archives of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

Visual Resources provide a pictorial timeline of the history of the estate and the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. The collection includes born analog materials (photographic prints, glass negatives, lantern slides, 35mm film, sheet film, etc.) as well as born digital material.  The imagery captures a variety of subject matter including the Mansion and estate, events, exhibitions, gardens, visitors, personnel, objects, livestock, and historic sites.

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Digital Collections from the Washington Library

This collection includes digital copies of manuscripts, staff reports, and visual resources.


The Fairfax Ledger: A Well of Knowledge

Associate Curator Adam Erby talks about the Fairfax ledger and how it's used to advance interpretation at Mount Vernon.

Washington the Reader

Learn the story of Washington's lifelong education and the growth of his library at Mount Vernon.

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