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A joiner from Fairfax County, Virginia, Crump worked at Mount Vernon from 1760 until 1764. Crump was hired by George Washington in December of 1760 to oversee the enslaved carpenters, at a salary of thirty pounds per year.

Crump and the Mount Vernon enslaved carpenters were also occasionally hired out to work for other people. In 1762, Washington wrote that he "Agreed to give Turner Crump one Sixth part of what he can make by my Carpenters this Year, which is to commense the 22d. day of Octr. being the time when he began Captn. Posey's Work, and to give him the Seventh of what he can make by them the Year after."1 Crump does not appear in the Mount Vernon records after 1764, but is mentioned in Fairfax County Court Records occasionally between 1767 and 1783.2

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