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Mount Vernon Everywhere!

The "Mount Vernon Everywhere!" database explores the myriad of places named after or inspired by Mount Vernon.


The George Washington Commemorations Project

The George Washington Commemorations Project is a crowdsource research effort to collect information about public-facing Washington memorials. Join other citizen historians as we explore how people around the world have commemorated Washington since the Founding Era. 

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Give Me Liberty: African Americans in the Revolutionary War

In this online exhibit, explore the difficult choice the Revolutionary War posed for enslaved African Americans.


Fighting For Their Cause: Women’s Activism, from Mount Vernon to Suffrage

This online exhibit highlights the involvement of members of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association in the suffrage and anti-suffrage movements. 


Washington's World Interactive Map

Washington's World Interactive Map examines the places important to George Washington during his many travels.


The Quotable George Washington

The Quotable George Washington offers documented quotes from the first president of the United States in an effort to combat apocryphal attributions.