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The Battle of Yorktown is an essential battle of the Revolutionary War. It contains military strategy, diplomacy, and negotiation tactics. Use these resources to accompany Now or Never: The Yorktown Campaign of 1781!

Inquiry Questions to Consider

Inquiry Questions to Consider

Use these inquiry questions to spark analysis while viewing the film.

  • What difficulties might someone encounter when working with another person or group?
  • What is the relationship between diplomacy and compromise?
  • How does honor play a role in the Battle of Yorktown?
  • What makes a good leader? How did leadership contribute to Washington's success?
  • Why did the Battle of Yorktown have to be "now or never"?

Interactive Timeline

Use this timeline to explore different events in the American Revolution

Explore the Timeline


Download the transcript of Now or Never: The Yorktown Campaign of 1781 to help view and plan with the film.

Download the Transcript

Lesson Plans

Discover our lesson plans on the American Revolution

Watch Now or Never

Learn how Washington successfully led American forces to victory at the Battle of Yorktown, resulting in the end of the Revolutionary War

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