The gardens of Mount Vernon were not only beautiful to see - the Washingtons, and those under their care, regularly ate from and cooked with garden ingredients. Learn more about the purpose and upkeep of Mount Vernon's gardens!

George Washington: A Gardener

George Washington: A Gardener

We know Washington as President, general, and farmer; but what about Washington as a gardener? Each of George Washington's gardens had a specific role for the estate and for the Washington family. His very favorite was the botanical garden, where he could experiment with seeds and plants.

The botanical garden
George: An Enslaved Gardener

George: An Enslaved Gardener

One of the many enslaved workers on Mansion House Farm was George, who was a gardener. George would have worked tiresome days that were filled with long hours, back breaking work, and limited times for rest. 

Interested in learning about George's life? Click below to learn more.

George: Gardener
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