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Educating About the Past for Our Present & Future

Education, both in-person and online, is at the forefront of Mount Vernon’s mission. We strive to inform and inspire future generations with George Washington’s examples of character and leadership.For every $10 donated, we can educate one person, and you can help us reach our goal of educating more than 1 million people onsite and online this fall.


Education and Mount Vernon's Mission

A large part of this is through our character interpreters, history interpreters, and historic trades interpreters. These passionate members of the Mount Vernon team reach visitors onsite and virtually. Our online resources aid teachers and students throughout the country. These programs provide invaluable insights into 18th-century life and culture.

Character interpreters bring to life 18th-century personalities from Washington’s world including his beloved wife Martha, his personal secretary Tobias Lear, and the enslaved people who enabled Mount Vernon to function such as housemaid and seamstress Caroline Branham and field worker Priscilla.


History Interpreters

History interpreters in the Mansion, and throughout the estate, share the history of Mount Vernon and answer visitor questions.

Costumed historic trades interpreters produce goods at our Blacksmith’s Shop; demonstrate Washington's innovative farming and fishing practices, hoe fields, cook over a fire, shear sheep, and harvest crops at our four-acre demonstration farm. They also make flour and whiskey at our working Gristmill and Distillery. 

These committed staff members broaden visitors' knowledge at Mount Vernon and give them a deeper understanding of 18th-century life. This experience makes an impact and creates long-lasting memories.

Your gift today supports these valuable educational experiences.


History Comes to Life at Mount Vernon

During our extended closure, we provided 96 live streams that reached 646,000 people. Watch the livestreams featuring our talented 18th-century character and historic interpreters.

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