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Mount Vernon Digital Resources

Explore Mount Vernon and the life of George Washington with these interactive digital resources.

Why did George Washington join the Revolution?

By looking at Washington’s own words we can find many clues as to why he supported the patriots during the Revolutionary War.

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Play Be Washington

Step into the boots of George Washington as you confront the very challenges that he faced during the Revolutionary War and as our first president.

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Learn about George Washington

George Washington led the Continental Army to victory during the American Revolution, ran a plantation in Virginia, and served as the first President of the United States. 

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Mount Vernon Digital Experiences

Take a Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon

Discover Washington's World Map

With this interactive map, you can follow the routes George Washington took during his life. Discover which states and towns he visited.

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Explore our Collections

Discover paintings, prints, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, metals, glass, textiles, tools, clothing, and personal accessories owned by or related to George and Martha Washington and their family. Pictured here is the harpsichord Washington purchased for his step-granddaughter Nelly Custis.

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Dig into Archaeology Online

Excavations have yielded over a million artifacts providing a rich assemblage to study the intertwined lives of the plantation community.

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Take Our Quizzes

How much do you know about George Washington, Martha Washington, Mount Vernon, and the founding era? Find out in one of our quizzes.

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Lives Bound Together Virtual Exhibit

Mount Vernon was home to both George and Martha Washington, as well as over 300 enslaved individuals. Explore this virtual exhibit to learn about the personal stories of the people enslaved at Mount Vernon.

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Videos and Podcasts

Click the link to explore the videos, podcasts, and resources we have on George Washington and life in the 18th century.

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Primary Sources

Discover more about George Washington and Mount Vernon with this collection of primary source documents from the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association and others.

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Database of the Enslaved Community

This collection lists the people, skills, locations, and events associated with the enslaved community at Mount Vernon. Use this collection to learn more about both individual enslaved peoples and the enslaved population as a whole.

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ARGO: Map Database

ARGO: American Revolutionary Geographies Online is an exciting project led by the Washington Library and the Leventhal Map and Education Center at the Boston Public Library. The site, currently in public beta, will collate digitized maps of North America made between 1740-1800 in a single, user-friendly portal alongside interpretive essays, curated collections, interactives, teaching materials and more.

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Event Livestreams

Learn more about Washington's world by exploring our archive of book talks, conferences, and livestreams.

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The George Washington Presidential Library

The George Washington Presidential Library at Mount Vernon is a resource for scholars, students, and all those interested in George Washington, colonial America, and the Revolutionary and founding eras.

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Digital Collections

Explore the Washington Library’s collection of digitized documents and photographs related to George and Martha Washington, their family, Mount Vernon, and the Mount Vernon Ladies’s Association.

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