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To Mark Presidents Day, Mount Vernon Hosts Events and Releases New Video Remarks from CEO Douglas Bradburn

On February 20, the nation will honor its first President, George Washington, a revered leader who made a profound and lasting impact on democracy and America. George Washington’s Mount Vernon is hosting a wide array of events on Presidents Day and throughout February, and has released new video remarks for distribution by Douglas Bradburn, Ph.D., Mount Vernon’s President & CEO, about the values George Washington instilled in the young nation that remain intact today. 

Watch the video remarks.

“Most Americans know Washington was our victorious commander in chief during the Revolutionary War and served as the new nation’s first president,” Bradburn said. “But Washington contributed so much more to our country, establishing important precedents, norms, and values that now are tightly woven into the fabric of America.” 

“Presidents Day offers a time to reflect upon how George Washington influenced the presidency and instituted fundamental standards for the rule of law, religious freedom, civilian control of the military, and the peaceful transition of power. His actions defined the nation’s governance, while his words offered cautions about threats that could unravel America’s democratic underpinnings,” Bradburn said.

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Visitors can celebrate President Washington’s birthday at Mount Vernon with free admission on February 20 and 22, 2023. Events include a presidential wreath laying ceremony, demonstrations by the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, music by The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, a Naturalization Ceremony, opportunities to meet General Washington, demonstrations of Washington’s favorite hoecake breakfast, and more. Read the full roster of Mount Vernon events here

The George Washington Presidential Library at Mount Vernon, typically only available to researchers, will host a public Open House.

Teachers can bring George Washington's birthday directly into their classrooms on February 17 and 22, 2023. Join a free, live virtual 40-minute program that includes engaging quizzes, fun facts, videos, and Q&A for students. Learn more and register.  

Born on February 22, 1732, George Washington was the only political independent to hold the office. During his lifetime, Washington paid little attention to his own birthday. His diaries show he often celebrated the day by responding to letters or attending to matters at Mount Vernon.

A video about George Washington’s birthday is available here. Read how George Washington celebrated his birthday.

Information about Mount Vernon membership is available here.  

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