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Quick Facts

Condition: Original
Floor: Second
Parent Location: Mansion

Where is it Located

About the The Washingtons' Bedchamber

Located directly above the Study in the private south wing is George and Martha Washington's spacious bedroom.  Designed according to Martha Washington's suggestion that it be simple and functional, the room was also her sanctuary, where she planned her schedule and wrote letters to friends and family members. According to her grandson, she also spent an hour there each day reading the Bible and praying.

Washington died of a severe throat infection in this room on December 14, 1799. Upon his death, Martha closed the room and, for the remaining several years of her life, spent much of her time in a bedchamber on the third floor.

Purchased in the early 1790s, the bed was described by Martha as “the new bedstead which I caused to be made in Philadelphia." Its design is in keeping with the Washingtons' preference for elegant simplicity. At just over six feet, six inches long, it was large enough to accommodate the General, who stood about six feet, two inches tall.

In this room, you will also find a mantel clock from Washington's presidency and a fine French writing desk crafted of mahogany with a marble top and brass fittings.

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