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Friday, May 06, 1887

Queen Lili'uokalani seems to have made two visits to Mount Vernon, first in 1887 and again in 1897. She described her first visit in her book Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen (published in 1898) when she accompanied her sister-in-law Queen Kapi'olani.

On that day, the visitors arrived at Mount Vernon by boat on the USS Dispatch, toured the Mansion, and were photographed on the East Lawn with an entourage, as well as other Mount Vernon tourists. The royals then visited the Tomb, where they were presented with flowers from Mount Vernon's garden by Superintendent Harrison Dodge. After departing, the royals attended a reception and formal state dinner at the White House.

Lily Laughton, who was the Association's regent at the time, remarked of the visit:

It was gratifying to me to learn that the Queen [Kapi'olani] of Hawaii in her recent visit to Mount Vernon was so deeply impressed by the solemn and touching associations of the place. That she frankly expressed surprise and disapproval at the levity indulged in by some of the company and desired to be quiet and undisturbed when going into the room in which the father of his country died. This is the feeling that Mount Vernon should inspire, and it is always pleasant to hear of those who come to it in that spirit.


Hawaiian Royals Visit Mount Vernon

MVLA Archivist Rebecca Baird discusses the 1887 visit by Queen Kapi'olani and future Queen Lili'uokalani.