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Friday, July 17, 1970

Prince Charles' first visit to Mount Vernon, and his first visit to the United States, was in the company of his sister Princess Anne in 1970. Upon arriving at the White House, President Nixon opened his brief remarks with a historical note that the Prince of Wales seems to visit the United States about every 50 years—in 1860, 1919, and now in 1970. All of those visits included a trip to Mount Vernon.

During the 1970 visit, the royal siblings boarded the presidential yacht the USS Sequoia, accompanied by Nixon's two daughters as well as his son-in-law David Eisenhower. The group enjoyed a ride down the Potomac, complete with a private luncheon cruise, before arriving at Mount Vernon. At the direction of the White House, the estate was closed to the public during this visit. The group toured the Tomb, the Mansion, the gardens, and the museum before departing by helicopter.

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Visits by the British Royal Family

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