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Friday, June 20, 1958

President Eisenhower came to Mount Vernon for a surprise, unannounced visit on June 20, 1958. The president was at Quantico Marine Corps base earlier in the day and decided to stop at Mount Vernon on his way back to Washington, D.C., so Mount Vernon staff were only notified about the visit minutes before he arrived. Film footage of the visit (seen below) captures visitors’ shock at unexpectedly passing President Eisenhower.

Mount Vernon’s resident director was away that day, so the president was escorted by the Assistant to the Director Walter Densmore. Eisenhower toured the Mansion, signed the guestbook, and visited Mount Vernon’s former museum.

By the time of his departure, a crowd had gathered to catch a sight of the president and wave him goodbye, and he took leave of Mount Vernon in his motorcade.

Eisenhower Visits Mount Vernon, 1958


Three days later, Eisenhower sent the following letter to Mr. Densmore.


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