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Saturday, February 08, 1862

A Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association visitor guestbook contains the signature of 21-year-old Lucy Lambert Hale, the daughter of U.S. Senator John Parker Hale of New Hampshire. She visited Mount Vernon on February 8, 1862, with the president’s son Robert Todd Lincoln, whose name appears above hers. A Washington, D.C., socialite, Miss Hale was romantically linked to several prominent men, including actor John Wilkes Booth, who carried a photograph of her in his pocket when he assassinated Abraham Lincoln in 1865.


Above Lucy Lambert Hale, the daughter of U.S. Senator John P. Hale. This photo was found on Booth's body after he was killed by pursuing federal troops on April 26, 1865.

Lucy Lambert Hale's signature in the Mount Vernon logbook sits directly beneath the signature of her companion that day, Robert Todd Lincoln.