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The Ford Motor Company's extensive relationship with Mount Vernon has spanned the course of 100 years.

From Henry Ford's donation of Mount Vernon's first fire truck in 1923 to its recent leadership-support of the Ford Orientation Center, the Ford Motor Company has been a committed partner with the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association.

Mr. Ford developed an early appreciation for George Washington's home at Mount Vernon. During a visit to the historic landmark in the early 1920s, he was greatly impressed by this tribute to the nation's first president.

Combination Chemical and Hose Car

James Garfield Duvall and the American-LaFrance Combination Chemical and Hose Car, 1931
James Garfield Duvall and the American-LaFrance Combination Chemical and Hose Car, 1931
In the spirit of preserving an important icon of our nation's past, Mr. Ford commissioned a special chemical fire truck for Mount Vernon. The built-to-order American-LaFrance Combination Chemical and Hose Car arrived at the estate on August 16, 1923.

This revolutionary vehicle was an essential tool in protecting Mount Vernon against it's greatest threat. A blend of modern fire-fighting weapons and techniques combined with the dependability of a Ford Motor Company vehicle resulted in the ultimate in fire protection.

The Ford Orientation Center

Each visit to Mount Vernon starts in the Ford Orientaiton Center.

Documenting America's Traditions

The arrival of the fire engine was only the beginning of the Ford Motor Company's commitment to protecting and preserving Mount Vernon as well as other aspects of American heritage.

Inspired by the efforts of the Mount Vernon Ladies' association, Henry Ford helped establish the Henry Ford Museum, now the nation's largest indoor/outdoor history museum, encompassing the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. The Henry Ford Museum strives to meet Mr. Ford's goal of documenting America's traditions of resourcefulness and innovation through its collection of American material culture.

Dedicated to the Preservation of Mount Vernon

The Ford Motor Company's dedication to the preservation of Mount Vernon continues today as part of its commitment to educating audiences about America's remarkable history. In recent years, the Ford Motor Company Fund has supported a wide range of institutional educational initiatives and exhibitions, including student internship programs, the George Washington Biography Lesson curriculum guide for the State of Michigan, and major exhibitions such as Saving Mount Vernon and Treasures from Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon Business Sponsorship

Join us in securing George Washington’s place in history while enjoying the benefits of this amazing estate. Learn more about business sponsorship at Mount Vernon.

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