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As Washington was “first in the hearts of his countrymen,” Mount Vernon welcomes those who wish to arrange for a wreath-laying ceremony to pay their respect to the Father of our Country.

So that the solemn nature of this ceremony is maintained, we ask groups to observe and adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Wreath-laying ceremonies must be reserved in advance through Mount Vernon’s Reservations Office by calling 703.799.8688 or emailing Please include your group name, contact person, preferred date and time, group size, and details regarding the content of the ceremony (if including any additional elements) if reserving via email.

  2. Wreath-laying ceremonies are free of charge; however, all guests should purchase general admission tickets. Tickets may be purchased through Mount Vernon’s Reservations Office by calling 703.799.8688 or emailing

  3. For a meaningful guest experience and to protect the Washington family tomb, it is strongly suggested that the maximum number of people per ceremony be limited to 50. Groups that consist of more than 50 people can work with our Reservations Office on a plan to accommodate their entire group.

  4. Wreath-laying ceremonies consist of the Pledge of Allegiance, General Washington’s prayer for his country, and the placement of a wreath, by no more than two participants, within the unlocked Tomb area. Groups may add other elements, such as songs or readings. All additional elements must be both appropriate and respectful to Mount Vernon and the solemn nature of the Tomb.

  5. A Mount Vernon approved staff member must be present to assist with all wreath-layings.

  6. A simple boxwood wreath is available for use at the Tomb, free of charge, to any group participating in a wreath-laying ceremony at Mount Vernon.

  7. Groups may use their own wreaths if made of natural materials. Suggestions for natural materials include pine boughs, holly, magnolia leaves, eucalyptus, pinecones, bittersweet, dried herbs, seed pods, and dried fruits. For the protection of our landscape, wreaths may not include boxwood cuttings.

  8. Participants must wear clothing that is both appropriate and respectful of Mount Vernon and the solemn nature of the Tomb.

  9. Mount Vernon cannot provide electric service, seating, transportation or any other logistical support.

  10. Mount Vernon reserves the right to end or cancel a wreath-laying ceremony at any time.