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Mount Vernon affords a picturesque setting for photographs, and whenever possible we are pleased to make it available for group photos.

However, to provide a positive guest experience for all of Mount Vernon’s guests, we ask groups to observe and adhere to the following guidelines:

I. Private / professional shoots for special groups, taking place anywhere on Mount Vernon property (including the Distillery & Gristmill), must be approved by the Office of Events & Protocol. Requests must be submitted via email to In the request, please include a description of the group, date and time of the photo shoot, preferred location, group size, and any other relevant details.

II. The Office of Events & Protocol will provide instructions prior to arrival regarding parking and photo shoot locations. All participants must comply with these directives as well as any instructions given by Mount Vernon staff members on the day of the photo shoot.

III. Photographs may not be commercial in nature or resold for commercial purposes. Please note that Mount Vernon is unable to host photo shoots of a personal nature (family, engagement, graduation, etc.). Please contact with any questions.

IV. Approved photography must be complete and all participants must vacate the grounds prior to public opening.

V. Photo shoots must comply with the following regulations:

a. No staging, props, accessories, etc., are allowed to be used on Mount Vernon grounds.
b. No participants may stand or lean on historic structures.

VI. Appropriate adult supervision of student groups is required.

VII. Mount Vernon cannot provide electric service, seating, transportation or any other logistical support.

VIII. All equipment or instruments used as part of the photo shoot must be hand-held. Carts, cases, and dollies are not permitted on the estate.

IX. Mount Vernon reserves the right to end or cancel a photo shoot at any time.