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Step back in time at Mount Vernon's Revolutionary War Weekend.

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Located At

12-Acre Field

Witness Military Drills & More

Mount Vernon's serene 12-Acre Field transforms into a battleground as Continentals, Redcoats, and Hessians conduct military drills and 18th-century tacticals.

Meet the soldiers who are encamped at Mount Vernon, discuss military techniques, and learn about the American Revolution.

Visit with Camp Followers

Camp followers — mostly women and children — traveled with the army, either because of their relationship to a soldier in the army, or displacement because of the war.

Like the men enlisted in the army, the camp followers were often “on the strength” of the army and were issued wages and rations for their work. Camp followers supported the army in a variety of ways, including as washerwomen, seamstresses, nurses, and petty sutlers selling their wares to the soldiers.

Tour the 18th-century military encampments and see the camp followers go about their daily lives following the army.

Walk Through Washington's War Tent

Walk through the Museum of the American Revolution's replica of General Washington's War Tent, which served as the marquee—or office and sleeping quarters—that he used as the command center of the Continental Army.

The Museum of the American Revolution staff will be onsite to discuss the tent and answer questions.

Virtual Tour of Washington's War Tent


Learn more about the First Oval Office Project


Schedule of Events - Saturday & Sunday

Varies Army Drilling Demonstrations 12-Acre Field/Camps
All Day Camps Open 12-Acre Field
All Day Museum of the American Revolution Marquees Bowling Green
All Day 18th-century Sutlers Open Historic Area
All Day Mount Vernon Inn Concessions 12-Acre Field
10 a.m. - 12 p.m. 18th-century Dancing Upper Garden
10:30 a.m. British Regimental Surgeon 12-Acre Field/Crown Camp
11 a.m. Revolutionary War Tactical Demonstration 12-Acre Field
12 p.m. Medicine of the Revolution Bowling Green
12:30 p.m. Artillery Demonstration 12-Acre Field
1 p.m. - 3 p.m. An American Triumph book signing with author Tom Hand (Saturday only) Bowling Green
1:30 p.m. Followers of the Army Bowling Green
2 p.m. British Regimental Surgeon 12-Acre Field/Crown Camp
2:30 p.m. Saturday: Music of the Revolution
Sunday: Church Service with the Continental Army
Bowling Green
3 p.m. Revolutionary War Tactical Demonstration 12-Acre Field
3:30 p.m. Medicine of the Revolution Bowling Green
3 - 5 p.m. 18th-century Dancing Upper Garden

Sat., May 4: An American Triumph Book Signing with Author Tom Hand

Join author Tom Hand on the Bowling green as he signs copies of An American Triumph: America’s Founding Era Through the Lives of Ben Franklin, George Washington, and John Adams. 

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Reenactor Weapons Regulations

George Washington’s Mount Vernon has established standards necessary to protect visitors and staff when weapons are being used during a demonstration at our site.

Unit commanders will be held accountable for their memberships’ compliance with these standards.

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Participating Reenactors

Visiting Sutlers

Continental line

  • 11th Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 11th Virginia Regiment
  • 5th Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 1st Continental Regiment
  • 1st Delaware Regiment
  • 1st Light Dragoons Regiment
  • 1st Maryland Regiment
  • 1st New York Regiment
  • 1st Virginia Regiment
  • 1st Virginia Artillery Regiment
  • German Regiment
  • Kingsbury Artillery
  • Mecklenburg Militia
  • New Jersey Light Infantry
  • 2nd Virginia Regiment
  • 7th Virginia Regiment
  • 7th Virginia Artillery Regiment
  • Simon Hunt’s Company
  • 6th Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 24th Connecticut Militia

British Brigade

  • Grenadier Company, Brigade of Guards
  • 4th Company, Brigade of Guards
  • 7th Regiment of Foot
  • 14th Regiment of Foot, Grenadier Company
  • 23rd Regiment
  • 33rd Regiment
  • 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, Grenadier Company
  • His Majesty's Marines
  • 64th Regiment of Foot
  • 80th Regiment of Foot, Light Company
  • 84th Regiment, Royal Highland Emigrants, Light Company
  • 1st Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers
  • 4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers
  • North Carolina Volunteers
  • Von Prueschenk's FeldJaeger Kompanie
  • Von Wreden's FeldJaegers Corps
  • Anspach 2nd Company, Von Roders Jaegers
  • Regiment von Huyn
  • Company W, 4th Battalion, Royal Regiment of  Artillery
  • His Majesty's Detached Hospital


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