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Learn about some of the incredible women who lived and worked here in George Washington's time as well as the women who came later to Mount Vernon and were instrumental in saving and preserving Washington's beloved home.

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$10 per person in addition to general admission

Located At

Mansion Circle

This 60-minute tour covers more than 250 years of history at Mount Vernon, beginning with Martha Washington's life before her marriage to General Washington. Learn about Martha's upbringing, her marriage to Daniel Parke Custis, her children, and her life as a wealthy widow. Meet Mrs. Washington in the Interpretive Center and hear intimate stories about her life and her marriage to General Washington.

As you tour the grounds, learn about the enslaved women who lived and worked at the estate. In the laundry yard, spinning house, and kitchen, hear the stories of Vina, Alce, Doll, Caroline Branham, and Molly who worked in these buildings to maintain the Washingtons' household and plantation.

The tour concludes with a discussion about the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association that has preserved the estate and grounds for more than 150 years. Hear the tales of the MVLA's founder, Ann Pamela Cunningham, who banded together women from across the nation to raise money to purchase the estate and preserve it for future generations.

Please allow 10-15 minutes to walk from the Orientation Center to the Mansion Circle to meet your guide.

Ten Facts about Martha Washington

From mother to First Lady, learn about the many roles and accomplishments of Martha Washington.

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Slavery at Mount Vernon

At the time of George Washington’s death, the Mount Vernon estate’s enslaved population consisted of 317 people. 

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Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

Learn about the first national historic preservation organization in the United States.

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