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Where at Mount Vernon is Be Washington located?

The Be Washington interactive theater is located within the Education Center at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.  The Washington Library can also host Be Washington sessions within its conference rooms.

How many people can play Be Washington at one time?

The Be Washington interactive theater on the estate can handle a maximum of 36 participants for each scenario session.  We can work with you to schedule rotations to accommodate more. The Washington Library can be equipped to handle 45 participants if utilizing the Rubenstein Hall.

How long does it take to play one Be Washington scenario?

Typically, each scenario takes 18 minutes to play.  Private sessions can also be paired with expert facilitators that will engage the audience with additional information and encourage discussion between the participants.  Typically in one 1-hour session we play two scenarios, with the balance of the time used for discussion and presentation.

Why is the Be Washington theater not always available during the day?

The Be Washington interactive theater is a part of the overall estate experience at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.  There are times in which guest demand precludes us from making the room available for private sessions.

What makes a private session different from just playing Be Washington as other guests do?

The scenario play is exactly the same.  The difference is in the post-scenario engagement.  Our expert facilitators can work with the players to encourage post-scenario discussion and reflection.  We can also work with you to present additional supporting information to make each scenario even more relevant to your specific group’s interests.

Can I choose which of the four scenarios that we would play?

Yes. We’d be happy to tell you more about each scenario and why it might be of interest.

Is Be Washington sufficiently interesting for a professional audience?

Most definitely.  While Be Washington does appeal to a wide range of audiences, our expert facilitators can work with you to add further detail and insight per the audience’s interest and sophistication level.  We’ve welcomed senior executives for leading governmental and military organizations as well as members of Congress.