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Mount Vernon welcomes author Gonzalo M. Quintero Saravia to the Robert H. and Clarice Smith Auditorium to discuss his book Bernardo de Gálvez: Spanish Hero of the American Revolution on Thursday, July 5, 2018.


Date and Time




Robert H. and Clarice Smith Auditorium
George Washington's Mount Vernon
3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy.
Mount Vernon, VA 22121

Header Image: Prise de Pensacola / dessiné par Lausan. Berteaux, aqua. ; gravé par N. Ponce, graveur de Mgr. Comte d'Artois by Nicholas Ponce. [Paris: Chez Mr. Ponce, graveur de Mgr. Comte d'Artois, Rue St. Hyacinthe, No. 19, et chez Mr. Godefroy, graveur de sa Majeste Imperiale, Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, A.P.D.R., ?] Courtesy of the Library of Congress. 

About the Book

Although Spain was never a formal ally of the United States during the American Revolution, its entry into the war definitively tipped the balance against Britain. Led by Bernardo de Gálvez, supreme commander of the Spanish forces in North America, their military campaigns against British settlements on the Mississippi River—and later against Mobile and Pensacola—were crucial in preventing Britain from concentrating all its North American military and naval forces on the fight against George Washington’s Continental army. In this first comprehensive biography of Gálvez (1746–86), Gonzalo M. Quintero Saravia assesses the commander’s considerable historical impact and expands our understanding of Spain’s contribution to the war.

A man of both empire and the Enlightenment, as viceroy of New Spain (1785–86), Gálvez was also pivotal in the design and implementation of Spanish colonial reforms, which included the reorganization of Spain’s Northern Frontier that brought peace to the region for the duration of the Spanish presence in North America. Extensively researched through Spanish, Mexican, and U.S. archives, Quintero Saravia’s portrait of Gálvez reveals him as central to the histories of the Revolution and late eighteenth-century America and offers a reinterpretation of the international factors involved in the American War for Independence.

About the Author

Gonzalo M. Quintero Saravia, S.J.D., Ph.D., is the author of several books on eighteenth-century Spanish American history and a former Fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University.