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Rain Makes Corn, George Makes Whiskey!

In this episode, Dr. Joseph Stoltz sits down with Steve Bashore, the Director of Historic Trades at George Washington's Mount Vernon. The two discuss the history and operations at the Distillery & Gristmill, including the popular line of whiskey products produced on-site.

Steve Bashore is the Director of Historic Trades at George Washington's Mount Vernon, and joined the staff in January 2007, when the Historic Trades department was created and the Distillery reconstruction was completed.  Steve is a traditional miller and distiller, having run water powered mills for 25 years, and has been distilling for 10 years.  Steve holds a degree in history from the University of Texas at Arlington and lectures regularly on traditional on mills and milling, and distilling and George Washington's farming and business enterprises.  Steve oversees the production at George Washington's Distillery, guiding a team of Trades staff to create a variety of spirits, including the original recipe George Washington's Rye Whiskey.

Joseph Stoltz is a historian and the Deputy Director of Leadership Programs at the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mount Vernon. He is also the author of A Bloodless Victory: The Battle of New Orleans in History and Memory.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Distillery & Gristmill

You can now see the main floor of George Washington's Distillery® via our Mount Vernon Virtual Tour. 

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