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'A Deserving Brother': George Washington and Freemasonry

In this episode, Dr. Kevin C. Butterfield sits down with Washington Library research fellow Mark Tabbert to discuss his latest research regarding George Washington and his membership in/relationship with Freemasonry.


Mark Tabbert is the Director of Collections at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association in Alexandria, VA. He the author of American Freemasons: Three Centuries of Building Communities (NYU Press, 2005) and George Washington's Rules for Freemasons in Life and Lodge (Macoy's Publishing, 2017). He is completing the manuscript of his forthcoming book, containing every letter, document, and artifact that attests George Washington's membership in, and relationship with, Freemasonry. A Deserving Brother will be published by the University of Virginia Press.

Kevin C. Butterfield is the new Executive Director of the Washington Library. He comes to Mount Vernon from the University of Oklahoma, where he served as the Director of the Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage and Constitutional Studies Program, holding an appointment as the Wick Cary Professor and Associate Professor of Classics and Letters.