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" I have diligently sought the public welfare; and have endeavoured to inculcate the same principles in all that are under me. These reflections will be a cordial to my mind as long as I am able to distinguish between Good & Evil. "

Letter to the Speaker of the House of Burgesses, John Robinson | Sunday, April 18, 1756

Editorial Notes

In this letter George Washington is defending his regimental leadership to the Virginia government.  The officers under his command had been accused "of all inordinate vices," and Washington noted that though he was still a relatively inexperienced leader he had "used every expedient to inspire ... an unerring exercise of Duty" in the officers and soldiers under his command.

GW’s copyist entered this undated letter at the end of December 1756 in the letter book, but GW composed it shortly before or after he wrote Gov. Dinwiddie on 18 April.

Letter to John Robinson, the Speaker of the House of Burgesses | c.18 April 1756