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With the Continental Army threatening to dissolve around him, General George Washington led the remnants of his army across the icy Delaware River on Christmas night 1776 and routed a Hessian garrison at Trenton.

The subsequent victories at the Battles of Second Trenton and Princeton secured Washington's place as one of the greatest generals in world history.

The Winter Patriots
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The Winter Patriots

Watch our new presentation on Washington's great victories at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton.

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Crossing the Delaware River

Learn more about how and why Gen. George Washington decided to cross the icy Delaware River on the evening of December 25, 1776.

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The Battle of Trenton

After crossing the Delaware, Gen. George Washington attacked the Hessian garrison at the Battle of Trenton.

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10 Facts about the Battle of Princeton

Learn more about the remarkable Battle of Princeton - Gen. George Washington's great victory over the British on January 3, 1777.

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The Hessians

Who were the Hessians and why were they fighting against Gen. George Washington's army?

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The Crucial Revolutionary War Battles Of Princeton and Trenton

Rick Atkinson, best-selling author and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, explores two crucial battles of the Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary War Theater 4D Experience

This immersive movie experience traces General Washington's important military victories at Boston, Trenton, and Yorktown. See it in the 4-D theater in the Donald W. Reynolds Museum & Education Center at Mount Vernon.

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