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The Patent Act of 1790 required each patent “to bear teste by the President of the United States.” Congress expected Washington to sign every patent for it to become official. There were more than 150 patents granted throughout Washington's presidency.

Number Date Patentee Title Type
1X Jul. 31, 1790 S. Hopkins Making Pot And Pearl Ashes  
2X Aug. 06, 1790 J.S. Sampson Manufacturing Candles chandler
3X Dec. 18, 1790 O. Evans Manufacturing flour and meal miller
4X Jan. 29, 1791 F. Bailey Punch for making printing type printer
5X Jan. 29, 1791 A. Putnam Improvement in distilling distilling apparatus
6X Mar. 10, 1791 J. Stone Driving piles for bridges, etc.  
7X Mar. 11, 1791 S. Mullikin Machine for thrashing grain and corn miller
8X Mar. 11, 1791 S. Mullikin Breaking and Swingling of Hemp, etc. spinner
9X Mar. 11, 1791 S. Mullikin Machine for cutting and polishing stone and marble stone boring and drilling machines
10X Mar. 11, 1791 S. Mulliken Machine for raising a nap on cloths  
11X Mar. 17, 1791 G. Parkinson Machine for Spinning Hemp and Flax etc. flax and hemp machines
12X Jul. 30, 1791 J. Dickerson Improvement in tide mills  
13X Aug. 02, 1791 S. Briggs, Sr., S. Briggs, Jr. Machine for making nails nail making machines
14X Aug. 02, 1791 W. Thomson Machine for thrashing wheat, etc. miller
15X Aug. 04, 1791 R.R. Livingston Diminishing friction of spindles  
16X Aug. 10, 1791 J. Biddis, T. Beadwell Making extract of bark bark processing machines
17X Aug. 10, 1791 L.C. Kuhn Improved bedstead beds and bedsteads
18X Aug. 10, 1791 P. Gordon Manufacturing Boots cobbler
19X Aug. 10, 1791 H. Voight Propelling boats by cattle nautical propulsion apparatus
20X Aug. 10, 1791 H. Keyser Powder Mill for Manufacturing Gun Powder gunsmith
21X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Macomb Horizontal hollow water wheels for mills water wheels
22X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Rumsey Improvement on Dr Barker's mill miller
23X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Rumsey Conveying water to operate on mills miller
24X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Rumsay Improvement on captain Savary's steam engine steam engines
25X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Rumsay Bellows blacksmith
26X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Rumsay Generation of steam stationary boilers
27X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Rumsay Application of steam to propel boats or vessels steamboats
28X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Fitch Steam engine applied to navigation steam engines
29X Aug. 26, 1791 N. Read Improved boiler of the steam engine stationary boilers
30X Aug. 26, 1791 N. Read Improvement in distilling distilling apparatus
31X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Stevens, Jr. Boiler for generating steam stationary boilers
32X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Stevens, Jr. Raising water by steam steam pumps
33X Aug. 26, 1791 J. Stevens, Jr. Application of steam to work bellows steam apparatus
34X Aug. 26, 1791 E. Cruse Improvement on Savary's steam engine for raising water steam engines
35X Nov. 24, 1791 P. Zacharie Machine for cleaning or deepening docks or harbors  
36X Dec. 30, 1791 W. Pollard Machine for Spinning Cotton spinner
37X Jan. 02, 1792 B. Folger Cleansing whale oil  
38X Jan. 28, 1792 O. Herbert Spinning and Twisting Thread spinner
39X Feb. 23, 1792 J. Bailey Steam Jack  
40X Feb. 24, 1792 D. Hartley Hardening and Tempering Steel blacksmith
41X Mar. 07, 1792 D. Ridgeway Making Bricks brick maker
42X Mar. 28, 1792 S. Green Canvas conductor to be used when houses are on fire  
43X May 09, 1792 R. Leslie, T. Kirk Weaving of wire weaver
44X May 09, 1792 T. Farrington Bark and wood sawing bark processing machines
45X Jul. 10, 1792 G. Morris Preservation of plants from frost  
46X Oct. 20, 1792 S.G. Dorr Raising and shearing the nap of cloth by a wheel of knives splitting and shearing machinery
47X Oct. 23, 1792 S. Hodge, J. Dorr Handmill for picking of mill stones mill stone picks
48X Jan. 26, 1793 C. Batterman, J. Caldwell Tobacco Manufacturing Machine tobacco machinery
49X Jan. 26, 1793 J. Pope Improvement in wind mills wind power
50X Jan. 26, 1793 C. Colles Manufacturing bricks brick maker
51X Jan. 29, 1793 S. Morey New method of turning a spit roasting jacks
52X Jan. 30, 1793 R. Leslie Double Pendulum for Ships clockmaker
53X Jan. 30, 1793 R. Leslie Clock Pendulum clockmaker
54X Jan. 30, 1793 R. Leslie Double Pendulum clockmaker
55X Feb. 01, 1793 R. Hodgson Manufacturing oiled silk and linen  
56X Feb. 01, 1793 A. Kingsley Manufacturing of bricks brick maker
57X Feb. 02, 1793 R. Leslie Construction and tone of bells  
58X Feb. 28, 1793 R.R. Saltonstall Manufacturing rhus or sumach  
59X Mar. 13, 1793 J. Williams, Jr. Moulds for claying sugar patternmaker
60X Apr. 11, 1793 J. Carnes, Jr. Improvement in paper moulds patternmaker
61X Apr. 29, 1793 E. Ryan Furnace for pot and pearl ashes industrial furnaces
62X May 01, 1793 R.R. Saltonstall Manufacturing rhus or sumach  
63X Jun. 11, 1793 R. Heterick Stove of cast iron stoves
64X Jul. 05, 1793 J.S. Sampson Applying and regulating the sails of ships and boats shipwright
65X Aug. 17, 1793 S. Brower Manufacture of bricks and pantiles brick maker
66X Dec. 02, 1793 A. Babcock Machines for propelling boats, vessels and carriages nautical propulsion apparatus
67X Dec. 31, 1793 J. Clarke (Clark) Machine to work in a current of water or other fluid  
68X Feb. 07, 1794 T. Perkins Manufacturing nails nail making machines
69X Feb. 14, 1794 J. Davenport Weaving and beating duck sail weaver
70X Mar. 04, 1794 J. Simpson Improvement in distilling spirituous liquors distilling apparatus
71X Mar. 14, 1794 Z. Cox Round Saw circular sawmills
72X Mar. 14, 1794 E. Whitney Ginning cotton cotton gins
73X Mar. 23, 1794 B. Taylor Mode of preventing the progress of fire  
74X Mar. 23, 1794 J.O. Peerson Machine for Cutting Nails nail making machines
75X Mar. 31, 1794 J. Biddis Improvement in manufacturing paper  
76X Apr. 12, 1794 R. Robotham Manufacturing of Mortar for Flooring Houses, etc. stonemason
77X Apr. 25, 1794 J.J. Staples, Jr. Carriages to be Propelled by Mechanic Powers carriage maker
78X Apr. 28, 1794 W. Hodgson Threshing Machine miller
79X May 19, 1794 J. Drake Improvement in Bellows blacksmith
80X Jun. 02, 1794 R. Robotham Manufacturing of Candles chandler
81X Jun. 16, 1794 G. Parkinson Manufacturing cordage  
82X Jul. 19, 1794 J. Markley Grinding bark bark processing machines
83X Jul. 29, 1794 E. Rigg Water working pumps pumps
84X Sep. 02, 1794 A. Anderson Improvement in a steam still steam stills
85X Sep. 13, 1794 B. Wynkoop New mode of propelling vessels nautical propulsion apparatus
86X Sep. 24, 1794 J. Fennel Mode of making salt salt making apparatus
87X Oct. 29, 1794 J. Hatheway Improvement in hydraulics  
88X Nov. 05, 1794 J. Wardrop Thrashing Machine miller
89X Nov. 25, 1794 J. Kincaid Improvement in stills steam stills
90X Dec. 20, 1794 A. Kingsley Brick Manufacturing brick maker
91X Jan. 15, 1795 S. Mullikin Hemp and flax breaking flax and hemp machines
92X Jan. 16, 1795 J. Perkins Machine for cutting nails nail making machines
93X Jan. 31, 1795 S. Kellogg Improvement in shearing woolen and other cloths splitting and shearing machinery
94X Mar. 25, 1795 J. Ellicott New mode of catching fish  
95X Mar. 25, 1795 S. Morey Improvement in Applying Steam steam apparatus
96X May 25, 1795 J. Youle Construction of a caboose  
97X May 25, 1795 J. Pittman Manufacturing of cordage rope maker
98X May 25, 1795 D. Keller Propelling boats nautical propulsion apparatus
99X Jun. 19, 1795 W.P. Sprague Propelling boats and vessels with horses nautical propulsion apparatus
100X Jun. 19, 1795 B. Wynkoop Nautical Ventilators shipwright
101X Jun. 30, 1795 J. Taylor Worm still of Tinned Sheet Copper steam stills
102X Jan. 09, 1796 J. Dickerson Sawing and Polishing of Stones stonemason
103X Jan. 15, 1796 J. Byington Manufacturing Nails nail making machines
104X Feb. 13, 1796 J. Roberts, Jr. Cleaning clover and other seed miller
105X Feb. 16, 1796 J. Eaton Manufacturing of Seal Skins leatherworker
106X Feb. 19, 1796 E. Perkins Removing pains by metallic points  
107X Apr. 11, 1796 S. Morey Raising Water by Wind  
108X Apr. 15, 1796 J. Davis Leather tanning leatherworker
109X Apr. 15, 1796 B. Tyler Machine for Cleaning Wheat, etc. miller
110X Apr. 20, 1796 T. Bedwell Improved mode of forming a yellow color  
111X Apr. 30, 1796 S.L. Jr. Composition of bilious pills  
112X May 04, 1796 P. Zacharie Machine for making nails and brads nail making machines
113X May 12, 1796 J. Hillard Improvement in manufacturing sumach  
114X May 12, 1796 R. Dawson Improvement in bolting cloths  
115X May 12, 1796 H. Hodgen Cotton gin cotton gins
116X May 27, 1796 J.S. McLean Improvement in piano fortes music instrument maker
117X May 28, 1796 O. Evans Improvment in Burr Mill Stones mill stones
118X May 31, 1796 E. Backus Steam engine and boiler steam engines
119X Jul. 01, 1796 L. McKechnie Stays for removing distortions in the spine  
120X Jul. 02, 1796 J.F. Mangin Sawing and Polishing Marble and other Stones stonemason
121X Oct. 17, 1796 R. Grant Machine for Scouring Rice and Other Grain miller
122X Nov. 16, 1796 G. James Improvement in making salt salt making apparatus
123X Nov. 16, 1796 E. Ryan Improvement in manufacturing pot ash  
124X Nov. 16, 1796 J. Fowler Improvement in concentrating the volatile parts of calcareous earth, stones, etc.  
125X Nov. 16, 1796 P. Cliff Manufacturing Cut Nails nail making machines
126X Nov. 16, 1796 I. Garretson Machine for Heading and Cutting Nails nail making machines
127X Nov. 16, 1796 A. Kinsley Printing Press printing presses
128X Nov. 16, 1796 J. Stansfield Splitting Sheep Skins splitting and shearing machinery
129X Nov. 16, 1796 M.I. Brunel Ruling Books and Paper ruling machines
130X Nov. 16, 1796 T. Bourke Pumps pumps
131X Nov. 17, 1796 W. Frobisher Manufacturing pot ash  
132X Nov. 17, 1796 C. Rentgen Forging Bolts and Round Iron  
133X Nov. 17, 1796 A. Whitmore Loom for Weaving Cloth looms
134X Nov. 19, 1796 A. Whitmore Preambulator for Measuring a Ship's Way shipwright
135X Nov. 19, 1796 A. Whittemore Machine for cutting nails nail making machines
136X Nov. 19, 1796 J. Bigelow Manufacturing Nails nail making machines
137X Dec. 12, 1796 G. Chandler Cutting and Heading Nails nail making machines
138X Dec. 23, 1796 T. Pasamore Machine for cooking and boiling, called a conjurer  
139X Dec. 23, 1796 D. French Manufacturing Cut Nails nail making machines
140X Dec. 23, 1796 D. French Manufacturing Wrought Nails nail making machines
141X Dec. 23, 1796 J. Byington Heading Nails nail making machines
142X Dec. 23, 1796 J. Frost Heading Nails nail making machines
143X Dec. 23, 1796 J. Deller Separating Scoured Rice miller
144X Dec. 23, 1796 R. Watkins Ginning Cotton miller
145X Dec. 23, 1796 J. Murray Ginning Cotton miller
146X Jan. 06, 1797 J. Nazro Improvement in making soap  
147X Jan. 06, 1797 J. Nazro Extracting alkali from marine salt and kelp  
148X Jan. 21, 1797 C.W. Peale Improvement in bridges  
149X Feb. 16, 1797 J. Spence Cutting and Heading Nails nail making machines
150X Feb. 16, 1797 J.F. Mangin Cutting and Polsihing Marble stonemason
151X Feb. 20, 1797 J. McCallmont Stoves stoves
152X Feb. 20, 1797 S. Mullikin Scouring or Skinning Rice miller
153X Feb. 24, 1797 R. Stuart Improvement in chimneys household tools
154X Feb. 24, 1797 J. Fowler Improvement in bridges  
155X Feb. 24, 1797 J. Kersey Heading and Cutting Nails nail making machines
156X Feb. 24, 1797 L. Allwine Improvement in mixing colours and painting  

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