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Image description:

The image shows a beige, two-story house sitting in grass with the Potomac River background. The house has a red roof that contains three dormer windows and a chimney on either end.

The front of the house has five windows spanning the second floor, and four windows spanning the first floor (with a door in the middle). The house has a section on the right that in the process of being built - it consists of the basic framework of a house and a red roof. There is a small building to the right side that also contains a red roof and three dormer windows.

Martha Washington is in the background, staring into the distance. George Washington on the right-hand side next to a tree covered in red fabric. He is sitting in a chair, looking over architectural plans.

When looking at this image, consider the following questions:

  • What year do you think this picture would have taken place? (Hint: look at Mount Vernon's renovations!)
  • Why do you think the artist decided to create this picture?
  • Who is this picture missing? What people would have been involved in this renovation?
  • Why do you think Washington wanted to renovate his house?

This image was created by Peter Waddell and is entitled "George Washington, Architect." The image depicts the young Washingtons renovating their home.