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Verplanks point 1st Oct 82

My dearest

If this letter should ever reach your hands, it will be presented by Mr Brown, - son to a Gentlman of that name in Rhode Island, from whom I have received civilities, & to whom, or his connections I could wish to make returns. - As he has thought of going into Virginia I recommend him to your notice & attention

I am most sincerely &

affectionately - Yrs

Go: Washington

[address leaf]

To Lund Washington

at Mount Vernon


Note 2 on pp. 188-189 of Fields: "...The verso of the letter has the following notation: 'James Brown Son of John & Sarah his wife received this letter at Verplanks Point on the river Hudson about 40 miles distant from N York City in October 1782 being then on his way to the South....But as this journey to the South extended at that Setting out no further than Baltimore this introductory letter from George Washington was never delivered - Afterwards in 1786 during the month of December He stopped at M. Vernon the immortal Man and his very kind & hospitable Lady were there, and the attention he recd while there from all the family made an impression so strong and so agreeable, that it never can be erased from the Tablet of Memory..."



Rhode Island Historical Society

One of three surviving letters addressed from George to Martha Washington, this brief note is an introduction for a Mr. James Brown, who was traveling south, to Martha at Mount Vernon. It was a way for George to assure Martha that the bearer was a gentleman.