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Use our fireplace template to share something that you would want a guest to learn about your family by visiting your home.

The New Room Fireplace

George Washington’s fireplace mantle  in the New Room had carvings of scenes with farming and animals. He filled the New Room with these symbols to show his interest in agriculture to his visitors.


Design Your Own Fireplace

Use the template to design your own fireplace mantle. What do you want visitors to your home to learn about you? Maybe you can include your favorite animal, sport, or shape.


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The New Room

George Washington had the New Room filled with art that communicated what was important to him. For example, he believed that agriculture was key to the success of the new nation, so the room include decorative elements related to farming. 

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Explore the Mansion

Use the Virtual Tour to explore the art in the Mansion. How many items related to farming can you see in the New Room? 

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