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Each room in the Virtual Tour can help students understand place, develop historical thinking skills, and learn more about the Washingtons and Mount Vernon estate. Use these resources when teaching with the Virtual Tour!

Inquiry Questions to Consider

Use these inquiry questions to spark analysis while teaching with the Virtual Tour

  • What do primary sources like place, objects, and documents tell us about history?
  • How does Mount Vernon help us draw conclusions about George Washington?
  • Whose stories are visible in the Mount Vernon estate, and whose stories might be hidden?
    • How might we uncover hidden stories?
  • Why is it important to conserve and restore historic sites like Mount Vernon?

Virtual Tour How-To

Click this link to learn about how to navigate the Virtual Tour

Navigating the Tour

Guided Virtual Tour Videos

These two-to-three-minute videos explore nine spaces at Mount Vernon. They were created for elementary-aged kids, but are available for all to enjoy.

Watch Now

Visita Virtual Guiada (Guided Virtual Tour)

Estos videos de dos-a-tres-minutos exploran cada espacio en Mount Vernon. Creado principalmente para estudiantes de primaria, pero apto para todos.

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Suggested Activities

Click the link to access scaffolded, downloadable sheets that have activities, additional primary sources, and generic information within the Mount Vernon Virtual Tour.

Created by our Spring 2023 LifeGuard Teacher Fellows

Virtual Tour Activities

Lesson Plans

Use our lesson plans to teach about place, objects, and primary source usage at Mount Vernon.

Place Based Lesson Plans

YouTube Playlist

Curious about restoration, interpretation, or general behind-the-scenes mansion videos? Click the link to access Mount Vernon's YouTube.

Mount Vernon Youtube

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