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During this hour-long session, teachers and their classroom will join Mount Vernon experts in a private video call to explore the institution of slavery at Mount Vernon while learning about lives and legacies of individual enslaved people who were forced to live at labor here.

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Bring History to Life for Your Students

Mount Vernon is very much associated as the home of George Washington, but it was also a plantation that was altered, created and maintained through enslaved labor.

During this program, our expert staff will use Mount Vernon’s private collection items and historic locations to discuss important events and themes in the lives of the enslaved people at Mount Vernon and the institution that fought to take away their humanity. The program will run through Mount Vernon supported Webex Video Conference Platform.


Program Outline

During your tour, you'll receive:

  • A welcome and brief introduction on program and technological logistics from a facilitator
  • A staff-led exploration of the virtual tour of Mount Vernon’s historic grounds, interwoven with primary source analysis thinking routines of original documents, objects, and places.
  • An interactive Q&A with the interpreter


  • All teachers and students will need internet access.
  • Sessions are designed for 1 teacher and 1 classroom (maximum 40 participants).
  • Programs can be led through 1:1 classroom technology or 1:many.

Program Outcomes

Students will:

  • Students will learn about life of the enslaved community at Mount Vernon in the 18th century.
  • Students will improve their critical thinking skills by analyzing primary sources, comparing and contrasting past and modern times, and contextualizing its place in a larger narrative.
  • Students will understand that people in the past were complex individuals faced challenges and rose to meet them with personal tools that are still used today
  • Students will have a fun/engaging/memorable experience by visually connecting with Mount Vernon and their classmates

Special Discounts for Title One Schools

  • Qualified Title One schools nationwide registering for any of these special distance learning programs will receive a discounted price on the program!
  • More information is available during the registration process.

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