In just five short years, the people our Nation will join together to celebrate the 250th birthday of our country’s founding. Because Washington was a central figure in the fight to gain our liberty, all eyes will be on the beloved home of our first president. With your support, Mount Vernon will be a shining symbol of American independence on that monumental day and for generations to come.

As one of our most trusted friends, you are invited to join the Strengthening Our Foundations Campaign for Mount Vernon. This is our most significant fundraising effort since the original drive to purchase and restore the estate over 160 years ago.

And we have great news to share. Friends of the estate, Lynn and Scott Molitor, have provided a donation that will triple your gift up to our goal of $700,000. Make a gift today or learn more about the different ways to give.



Strengthening Our Foundations

The Strengthening Our Foundations Campaign for Mount Vernon is our most significant fundraising effort since the original drive to purchase and restore the estate over 160 years ago.

Preserve The Mansion & Historic Area

Your support will enable vital preservation of the most significant historic Mount Vernon sites: the Mansion in which Washington lived, the tomb in which he is buried, and the original outbuildings which form his historic
estate. From shoring up the Mansion’s structural foundation to enhancing the immersive experience for visitors, you can be part of an enduring
legacy of impact at Mount Vernon.

Securing Our Future

The money you help raise today will solidify our financial stability for the future of this institution, which does not rely upon taxpayer dollars or federal grants. Through careful stewardship, we can draw on the funds in perpetuity to do difficult preservation work and expand education programs that share Washington’s legacy with children today and tomorrow.

Teaching America's History

Mount Vernon’s education program has a critical role to play in our Nation’s efforts to rediscover its unifying values and craft a more perfect union that will inspire people to work together again. By supporting exhibit
revitalizations and professional development programs for teachers nationwide, you can help people learn about the country’s founding and challenge them to take up the mantle of public service in the cause of self-governance.

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