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Mount Vernon Welcomed a New Resident on Thanksgiving Day – a New Calf!

MOUNT VERNON, VA – Mount Vernon had something extra special to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day this year – a new baby calf! Livestock Supervisor, Lisa Pregent, was busy on Thanksgiving Day when Mount Vernon’s Milking Devon cow went into labor. Clover, the Milking Devon cow, gave birth to a healthy bull calf. Mount Vernon is considering naming the new calf “Spud.” Both mother and calf are in good condition. Visitors to Mount Vernon should be able to see the new calf and its mother, Clover, in the upcoming weeks from the ha-ha wall on Mount Vernon’s east lawn.

For more than 25 years, Mount Vernon’s livestock team has cared for oxen, horses, sheep, hogs, and other animals that help bring stories about Washington’s farms, entrepreneurial spirit, and horsemanship to life. Through the estate’s nationally recognized rare and heritage breeds program, Mount Vernon’s livestock team cares for more than 100 animals that are representative of the breeds Washington kept 200 years ago. For more information about Mount Vernon’s livestock program, please visit



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