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Mount Vernon Releases a New Film about the U.S. Constitution

A More Perfect Union is Now Available Online

MOUNT VERNON, VA – George Washington’s Mount Vernon has released a new feature production titled, A More Perfect Union: George Washington and the Making of the Constitution.   While America proved victorious in the Revolutionary War, it was far from certain that this new nation would survive, let alone thrive in the world.  A More Perfect Union looks at the causes leading to the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, the many compromises included within the document, and the challenges in ratifying the constitution.  Throughout the presentation, viewers will learn about the vital role that George Washington played in creating and ratifying the U.S. Constitution. The film is available online at and for streaming in high resolution on Vimeo.

“This is an important and timely story, one that needs to be better understood by our current generation.” Said Rob Shenk, Senior Vice President of Visitor Engagement. “So many other revolutions devolved into tyranny or anarchy. Ours could have too if not for the forthright leadership of Washington and the other founders.”

Production began in early 2016 with Wide Awake Films, a Kansas City-based film company specializing in historic topics. A More Perfect Union is the third feature-length video that Mount Vernon and Wide Awake Films have partnered on. This latest offering joins previous award-winning films, The Winter Patriots and Yorktown: Now or Never, both of which feature important Washington victories during the Revolutionary War.

Many scenes were filmed on the estate, including within George Washington’s Mount Vernon study, the famous piazza, and nearby farms.  Additionally, the production leverages cutting edge animation and live action shots to illustrate the important compromises and tensions that are a core part of the story.

“Viewers come away with a sense of how compromise was a necessary part of the creation of the U.S. Constitution,” said Shenk. “The Constitution was the product of political compromise and was designed to be improved and extended as needed – hence the title ‘A More Perfect Union’ – not perfect, but decidedly better.”


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