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George Washington's Mount Vernon asks for #GivingTuesday Support


Giving Tuesday Project Supports Two New Mules for its Farm

MOUNT VERNON, VA— This #GivingTuesday, George Washington’s Mount Vernon invites animal lovers and history buffs to help purchase a new team of mules to reside at the historic site. By acquiring mules—a mainstay in George Washington’s time—Mount Vernon will bring even more historical accuracy to its Pioneer Farm site, inviting guests to learn more about Washington’s innovative farming practices as they interact with these special animals. In addition to meeting Mount Vernon’s visitors, the mules will work on the Pioneer Farm Site much as they would have in Washington’s time, plowing and harrowing fields, hauling compost, and pulling wagons.

Mount Vernon’s #GivingTuesday campaign comes with added bonuses for contributors who are looking for unique holiday gifts. For a $25 donation, contributors will receive a mule-themed board coaster, while contributors who donate $50 will receive an adorable plush mule. Donate $100 towards Mount Vernon’s #GivingTuesday campaign and receive an exclusive “Strong like George Washington” Moscow mule mug.

Donors who contribute even more can enjoy an exclusive private tour of Mount Vernon’s livestock facilities (for a $1,500 contribution) or the right to name one of the new mules (for a $5,000 contribution). As a private non-profit that does not accept federal funding, Mount Vernon is completely reliant on generous donors and ticket revenue to support the care and restoration of the first president’s estate.

Mules have long played an important role at Mount Vernon. George Washington—considered by some to be the “father of the American Mule”—began breeding mules at Mount Vernon after he received a stud jack from the King of Spain in 1785. In 1786, the Marquis de Lafayette sent another jack and two jennets (female donkeys) to Mount Vernon. Washington was very fond of horses, but became convinced that mules worked longer and harder than horses and required less feed.

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