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Free Evening Book Talks at George Washington's Presidential Library

MOUNT VERNON, VA – Enhance your knowledge of the 18th century through two evening book talks hosted by Mount Vernon’s Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington. These book discussions are free, however space is limited and attendees must register in advance online at

February 6, 7 p.m.

Author Joseph Manca

“George Washington’s Eye: Landscape, Architecture, and Design at Mount Vernon”

Mount Vernon welcomes author Joseph Manca to the Library to discuss his book, “George Washington’s Eye: Landscape, Architecture, and Design at Mount Vernon.” Manca systematically examines Mount Vernon—its stylistic, moral, and historical dimensions—offering a complete picture of this national treasure and the man behind its enduring design. Manca brings to light a Washington deeply influenced by his wide travels in colonial America, with a broader architectural knowledge than previously suspected, and with a philosophy that informed his aesthetic sensibility.

Based on careful study of Washington’s personal diaries and correspondence and on the lively accounts of visitors to his estate, this richly illustrated book introduces a George Washington unfamiliar to many readers—an avid art collector, amateur architect, and leading landscape designer of his time.

March 4, 7 p.m.

Author C.L. Bragg

“Crescent Moon over Carolina: William Moultrie and American Liberty”

Mount Vernon welcomes author C. L. Bragg to the Library to discuss his book “Crescent Moon over Carolina: William Moultrie and American Liberty.”

“Crescent Moon Over Carolina” examines the life of Major General William Moultrie (1730–1805), who is best remembered for his valiant defense of an unfinished log fort on Sullivan's Island at the entrance to Charleston Harbor against a determined British naval attack on June 28, 1776. The book offers an engaging narrative, detailed maps, and beautiful illustrations that will stand as an important addition to the body of literature for those interested in Revolutionary South Carolina. Bragg leaves us with a clearer understanding of Moultrie—a political and military leader who counted among his friends, associates, and correspondents many of our nation's ardent patriots and founding fathers. Moultrie's service to state and country has earned him a respected place in history.

For parking and registration information, please visit

Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington

3600 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy

Mount Vernon, VA


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