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Quick Facts

Condition: Original
Floor: Second
Parent Location: Mansion

Where is it Located

About the Hall Bedchamber

Originally two rooms, the hall bedchamber created in the 1750s was described as "a Closet with the Window". Prior to Washington's expansion of the Mansion to a full two stories in the late 1750s, these two rooms formed a single space. In Lawrence Washington's 1753 probate inventory this single room was called the room at the "Head of Stairs." Despite being split into the two rooms, the size of the room at the head of the stairs was originally substantially smaller because the lower roof of Lawrence's house made this room an attic room with a knee wall and sloping ceiling.

Despite the smaller size, in 1753, the room housed two bedsteads, although it is not known if they were assembled or merely stored here.

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