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Where is it Located

About the Boat Shed

Housed within this Boat Shed is a replica 21-foot batteau, a multipurpose flat-bottomed 18th-century boat. It was constructed in 2016 with 18th-century based tools. There were many other types of watercrafts built or used by George Washington including flatboats, barges, scows, hogshead flats, whaleboats, ferryboats, schooners, yawls, brigantines, and fishing boats.

The three fisheries along the Potomac River reflect Washington’s entrepreneurial spirit. For almost 40 years, these fishing operations brought in food for Washington's enslaved and paid workers, and by selling the surplus, provided additional profits for his estate. Of all of Washington’s economic pursuits perhaps none were as consistently lucrative as his fisheries. It is estimated that in a spring fishing season Washington’s operations caught 1.3 million shad and herring, often accounting for more income than any other single crop.