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Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks on The Go

Mount Vernon's Food Court offers many options, including salads, deli sandwiches, hamburgers, and fresh-baked cookies.

Dine with us in our peaceful outdoor terrace or our air-conditioned pavilion.

Dining vouchers are available for large groups.

Open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 


Enjoy a hot cup of Illy coffee with your choice of hot breakfast including scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, bagels french toast sticks, and breakfast sandwiches. Cereal, fruit, yogurt, and other lighter fare is also available.

Hot Off the Grill

Bite into a juicy bacon cheeseburger, grilled or fried chicken sandwich with a side of french fries, onion rings, or nachos. Vegetarian options, such as veggie burgers, are also available.

Closes at 4 p.m.

Personal Pizza

Try a personal pizza with your choice of toppings, including pepperoni, supreme, veggie, or plain cheese, and a side of scrumptious breadsticks.

Closes at 4 p.m.

Salads, Wraps, and Snacks

Grab a yogurt, fresh salad, turkey and veggie wraps, trail mix, or some whole fruit options. Feeling a bit more indulgent? Gourmet potato chips, rock candy, fudge, and Mars candy bars are also available.


Cool down with soft serve ice cream, milk shake, frozen fruit, and ice cream bars. Or warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and a fresh baked cookie, brownie, muffin, and other pastries.

Savor the flavors of early America at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant.

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