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Join our resident fifer for a musical demonstration and discussion of fife & drum music, and its importance during the American Revolution!


Bad Weather Location

Greenhouse in the Upper Garden

Located At

Bowling Green

Hear the Flute, Fife, and Drum

During this program, listen to our Resident Fifer play different fifes, flutes, and a drum to demonstrate their different sounds and functions.

Learn about some of the musicians who played music on the front lines of the American Revolution and examine replicas of 18th-century uniforms, books, and sheet music.

Our fifer also demonstrates tunes for dancing, such as a minuet, a jig, and a reel.

Francisco plays for a student group, 2018.

Music in the Revolutionary War

The music in General Washington's continental army consisted of fife and drum corps and served as signals in battle, telling soldiers in the camp when to wake up, fetch wood or provisions, and show up for church.

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Fifing with Visitors

Watch our resident fifer in action.

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