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The George Washington Leadership Prize

George Washington stood at the center of the world stage from 1753 until his death in 1799. He played a pivotal role in every major event surrounding the founding of our nation. His perseverance and often underrated ability as Commander in Chief ensured American independence from Great Britain. His presence at the Constitutional Convention assured legitimacy and, later, ratification. The precedents he set as the first president continue to guide presidential policies and his examples of civic responsibility and responsible leadership remain relevant examples today.

Presented by George Washington’s Mount Vernon and the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington, this $250 prize will be awarded to an outstanding project in both the junior and senior category that demonstrates a clear understanding of the ideas and events that defined Washington’s leadership in his roles as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention, entrepreneur, and/or first president. The award will be presented at the Kenneth E. Behring National History Day contest in College Park, MD.

Students are encouraged to research a topic on this essential man in American history. Ideas include involvement in the French and Indian War, service as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, presiding over the Constitutional Convention, the Presidency, and innovations in farming.