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The Mount Vernon App is designed to be a rich and useful resource to all of our guests. Designed for both iPhones and Android-powered smartphones, the Mount Vernon App contains an array of interesting tours, a location-based map, information on historic buildings, schedule of today's events, a plant finder, and more. The free app can be downloaded to your device or you can rent a pre-loaded smartphone at the estate.

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Key Features

  • Explore:  The Mount Vernon App allows visitors to see their location and how far they are from buildings through the location-aware estate map. Click on the name of a location to learn more about it. Also included in the app are the Gristmill and Distillery site, rooms within the Mansion, and modern conveniences like the Education Center and Museum, restrooms, and water fountains. 
  • Audio Tours:  There are also five audio tours accessible to visitors of Mount Vernon within the app. These informative tours cover the rich history, architecture, and gardens found at Mount Vernon. 
  • Visitor Information:  Also found within the app is helpful information for visitors to the Estate. The up-to-date calendars showcasing the day’s events, information on shuttles, restrooms, food options, and so much more.  
  • Plant Finder:  Our integrated plant finder allows you to better identify the amazing array of flowers, plants, shrubs, vegetables, and trees found at Mount Vernon. Narrow your search by selecting the color, location, plant type, and if it’s in bloom. Then click on an individual plant to learn more about it.
  • Restaurant Reservations:  Via the app you can learn more about where to eat while you are at Mount Vernon and make reservations either by phone or through OpenTable.

Free WiFi

Connect to the internet and use the Mount Vernon App via WifFi, anywhere across the Mount Vernon Estate. FREE of charge.

Download the App

Funding & Support

Mount Vernon has received financial support for the development of this mobile offering from The Life Guard Society, Scott and Lynn Molitor, and from Bartlett Tree Experts.