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Mount Vernon Magazine, Spring 2018

What's In This Issue?

  • Mirroring the Mansion: tributes in modern architecture
  • Inside Be Washington Creating our newest attraction
  • American architecture inspired by Mount Vernon
  • Behind-the-scenes restoration and renovation

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Fallen Hemlock Tree at Mount Vernon

On March 2nd 2018, Mount Vernon and the surrounding area was hit by strong winds. That day, a hemlock tree from 1791 fell over from the winds. In this video our director of horticulture Dean Norton talks about the significance and history of the tree to Mount Vernon.

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Be Washington

Step inside George Washington's boots in this first-person interactive leadership experience.

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Be Washington Classroom Resources

Full lesson plans for each scenario will be available to enhance classroom learning. Lesson plans include background information, timelines, graphic organizers, and full primary sources.

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Central Passage Repainted

Follow along as the architecture team repaints the central passage in a new period correct color. In this episode of the Mount Vernon VLOG, we show the entire process.

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Inspired by Mount Vernon

Browse a database of locations around the United States featuring architecture inspired by Mount Vernon.

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