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Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows, Class of 2017

Brian Buhr

Duke University

Major: Public Policy

Hometown: Newtown, PA

Capstone: Study of healthcare communication across cultural backgrounds

Kameron Dunbar

Oberlin College

Majors: Politics, Peace and Conflict Studies Concentation

Minor: Rhetoric and Composition

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Capstone: Writing center access for minority and international groups

Shannon Fischer

The College of William and Mary

Majors: History, Government

Hometown: Niwot, CO

Capstone: Civic education/discussion for middle school students

Richard Hamrick

Vanderbilt University

Major: Economics

Minors: Mathematics, History, Financial Economics

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Capstone: Financial barriers to student extracurricular involvement

Dorothy Jiang

Brown University

Major: Intersectional Mental Health

Hometown: Redmond, WA

Capstone: Mandating suicide prevention awareness for educators and law enforcement in Rhode Island

Katie Mars

Elon University

Majors: Public Health Studies, Human Service Studies

Hometown: Doylestown, PA

Capstone: Sexual assault prevention and awareness program for men

Michael Morette

Franklin & Marshall College

Majors: Public Policy and History

Hometown: Winnetka, IL

Capstone: Actionable project for assistance to a Haitian community

Margo Mullins

Wofford College

Major: Government

Minor: International Affairs with a Concentration in the Middle East and North Africa

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Capstone: Invigorating and long term stability for Youth Corps program in Columbia, SC

Rebekah Parris

University of South Carolina

Majors: Chemistry

Minors: Biology, Medial Humanities, Health Promotion, Education and Behavior

Hometown: Pelzer, SC

Capstone: Expanding her Preemie Parcels project for families of babies born prematurely

Cole Porter

Mercer University

Major: Political Science

Hometown: East Dublin, GA

Capstone: Best practices for urban design

Leondre Ramsay

Howard University

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Apopka, FL

Capstone: Documentary on housing discrimination in DC

Evelyn Roberts

Yale University

Major: Cognitive Science

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA

Capstone: Mental health awareness for student athletes

Savannah Rogers

Washington State University

Major: Strategic Communications

Hometown: Maple Valley, WA

Capstone: Feminine hygiene products for the impoverished

Olivia Reszczynski

University of South Carolina

Majors: Biochemistry and Economics

Minor: Business Administration

Hometown: Irmo, SC

Capstone: Gardens on campus to provide healthy food for low income communities

Ron Steinhoff

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Majors: Political Science and Spanish

Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

Capstone: Health education campaigns on campus

Samuel Vilchez Santiago

Princeton University

Major: Politics

Minors: Latino Studies, Latin American Studies, American Studies, Spanish

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Capstone: Civic engagement of Latinos