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Learn to make historic cocktails enjoyed by George Washington and his contemporaries as well as explore his favorite beer and wine selections.

Alcohol and drinking were common features of everyday life for ordinary Americans in the eighteenth century. General Washington was not against enjoying a drink himself, serving libations to his frequent guests, or even supplying alcohol for political purposes.

Mixology Demonstration

Martha Washington's Rum Punch


A fortified wine produced on the Portuguese island of Madeira in the eastern Atlantic, in the eighteenth century madeira was common in Britain and particularly popular in the American colonies. George Washington had an affinity for this particular type of wine.

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A Beer Aficionado

George Washington’s fondness for Madeira wine is well known. Less commonly recognized is his love of good beer.

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Whiskey Production at Mount Vernon

Washington had a significant impact on the whiskey industry in the United States, both by his example as a distiller and through his role in the Whiskey Rebellion.

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Spirits Distilled at Mount Vernon

George Washington was one of the largest whiskey producer in America. Today we continue the tradition of producing whiskey as well as other small batch distilled spirits at our historic Distillery & Gristmill site.

375ml bottles of the distilled spirits produced at Mount Vernon are available for purchase at the Shops at Mount Vernon. The Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant offers a selection of our current offerings at the bar or during dinner.

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GW Cypher Highball Glass

An elegant addition to any table. George Washington's Cypher, or monogram, is etched on the clear glass with six small stars commemorating Washington's rank as America's only six-star general below the cypher.

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GW Cypher Wine Glass

Six small stars decorate the reverse side commemorating Washington's rank as America's only six-star general, and indicate the fill line for a perfect 6 ounce pour. The 17 oz. glass is dishwasher safe. Approximately 8 1/2" tall. Made in Italy and etched in America.

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