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Available only for Google Chrome.

April 1, 2019
Press Contact: Tobias Lear
Courier post via Alexandria

Mount Vernon Launches Cutting-Edge Web Technology: There’s Washington!

MOUNT VERNON, VA - - George Washington was a huge fan of cutting-edge technology.   The first president invented the 16-sided barn, bred the American mule and American foxhound, and was an early-adopter of gadgets such as plate warmers, fan chairs and even a dental hygiene kit.  

At Mount Vernon we celebrate Washington’s love of technology every day. Mount Vernon posts the General’s letters on on the information superhighway.  We beam his life out to viewers each week on the YouTube.  And we Twitter to the social message boards on the Facebooks and Instagrams.  Guests can even step in his shoes with our Be Washington game or sit in his dining room, virtually!

But never before has Mount Vernon embarked on a more ambitious technology initiative.  Through the generous support of an anonymous donor - and that Washington quarter we found on the ground - our digital mavens have developed the one singular tool to solve the one Washington question everyone wants to know…: - How many things are named after Washington? And how many times is he mentioned in everything you read?

There’s Washington! is a state-of-the-art plugin for your Chrome web browser that is now available for every freedom loving American.  With this amazing technology our “Virtual George” will count how many times his name appears on EVERY page you visit on the World Wide Web!

“This is either going to be the holy grail of web technology, or the most annoying plugin available on the Chrome web store,”, said Matt Briney, Vice President of New Media at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.   “We’re just excited to be able to launch this amazing new product, exclusively on April 1 - the same day Frederick Muhlenberg, became the very first Speaker of House of Representatives.”

Screenshot of "There's Washington!" in action (MVLA)

Sophisticated internet users can get started with this new technology today by visiting  


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