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Washington was a pioneering farmer, experimenting with a variety of types of crops to his rotation.

Philadelphia Barley Red Potatoes Flax
Naked Barley Rutabaga India Hemp
White Corn Swedish Turnips Oronoco Tobacco 
Indian Corn English Turnips Buckwheat
Rare Ripe Corn Naper Turnips Red Clover
Swamp Corn Winter Turnips Hop Clover
 Millet Summer Turnips   Yellow Clover
Broom Corn Rhubarb Sweet Clover
White Oats Summer Squash Sainfoin Clover
Common Oats Watermelon Sulla Clover
Poland Oats Pumpkins White Clover
English Oats Homeny Beans Common Hops
Rye Bunch Homeny Bean Orchard Grass
Cape of Good Hope Berkshire Beans Bird Grass
Wheat Gloucester Beans Guinea Grass
Russian Wheat Lima Beans New River Grass
Spelt Windsor Beans Timothy Grass
Common Wheat Cabbage Fescue
Black Wheat American Cabbage Burnet Grass
Red May Wheat Kale Rib Grass
Red Winter Wheat Albany Peas Borden Grass
Red Straw Wheat Small Gray Peas Lucerne
Lamas Wheat Small Round Peas Chicory
Yellow Bearded Wheat Small White Peas Botany Bay Grass
White Wheat Red Peas Ryegrass
Early White Wheat Crowder Peas Eastern Shore Bean Grass
Egyptian Wheat Common Country Peas Choricum Grass
Double Headed Wheat Indian Peas White Bent Grass
Mangel-Wurzel Beets Cowpeas Mountain Pea
Orange Carrots Black-eyed Peas Fenugreek
Red Horn Carrots Everlasting Peas Trefoil
Jerusalem Artichokes Painted Lady Peas Madder
Parsnips Yateman Peas Fancy Grass
White Potatoes White Cotton Wild Oats
Sweet Potatoes Nankeen Cotton  


Washington decided to shift production from tobacco to wheat in the 1760s.

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