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A good president needs to be a good leader. George Washington's experiences traveling around the colonies, the frontier, and, later, the new nation helped him become a strong leader.

Essential Question

How did George Washington's travels help him when he became president?

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How did George Washington's experiences in the Ohio River Valley as a young man prepare him to become a leader?

Even before George Washington was elected president, he had traveled throughout the United States. As a young man, his first job was as a land surveyor.

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What did Washington learn about leadership from his travels and challenges during the American Revolution?

After the battles of Lexington and Concord, the colonial forces needed a commander. Congress decided George Washington would command the Continental Army.


What did Washington learn about the country and its people during his tours of the states?

After he was elected president, George Washington made three tours of the United States—one to New England in 1789, another to Long Island in 1790, and a third tour to the southern states in 1791.

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How did George Washington's travels help him to learn to be president?

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